Digital Graphic Design

Our digital graphic design division creates stunning banners, buttons and images that augment the ‘Call To Action’ facet. Our online promotional materials such as e-flyers, e-newsletters etc, convey the core message in an attractive and vibrant method without deviating from the overall brand theme. Our differentiation is the fact that we are able to deliver personalized artworks at competitive prices.


Print Graphic Design

Our graphic designs done for print are creative in the way they are depicted. Right from the material and its presentation up to the artwork printed on it, the details are crafted immaculately to be outstanding. People can feel the difference and the brand message right from the moment they look and feel the promotional materials. Our graphic designers use illustrations, photography and typography to reveal artworks that are able to evoke the expected reactions.


Brand Development

If you wish to create a unique theme and message for your products and services, we will assist you to develop the right iconic mark in the industry. We will study your business and the competition to align your brand with the target audience whilst also differentiating it. Beginning from the logo to the website, we will undertake the entire branding process and depict the much needed image across all the marketing collaterals.



Whether it is a square-cut design or a tri-fold one, as a graphic designer who has crafted numerous attractive and informative brochures, we are sure to deliver designs to match your needs.



Our custom designed packaging can lure your target audience towards your products. We are able to offer tailored packaging designs with full bleeds and full colour.


Business Cards

We are able to create elegant business cards that speak about your brands. If you wish for a glossy or irregular shaped card to be distinctive, we can provide the solution.



We at Business Wise Media will evaluate your presentational requirements and create the right graphics to represent the correct message that needs to be conveyed to the audience.



From straightforward logos to artistic ones, we can craft the ideal logo to represent the trademark of your brand. Our logo works are of superior quality and affordable at the same time.